Web design and Developemnt

We make websites for the internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (Private network). Your Website will come Search Engine Optimized, Designed suitable for PC or Mac and we'll make sure it looks the way it should on every platform and devices like tablets, mobile phones and even TV’s.


a. Small-Medium Business Websites(SMB websites)

Small and medium businesses take up a large portion of today’s world economy. The world is going online. We help your business establish online presence with about a couple dozed pages about your products and services. Examples are local mechanics, dentists or barbershops websites.

b. Corporate Websites

Are you a large Corporation with many Employees? We have your package too for a larger website with hundreds of pages if possible.

c. Single Page Websites (Landing Pages)

Do you need a website to incite one main action such as making a visitor becoming a lead? This is suitable for marketers.

d. E-commerce Websites

We have helped many businesses bring their products online. Become one of them by ordering for an e-commerce website that will see you sell your products to the world online.

e. Biography / Branding Websites

Professional digital Presence is becoming increasingly popular. This Website will consist of “yourname.com” as a great way of reserving your digital presence. This website is suitable for entrepreneurs, Artists etc.

f. Portfolio Websites

If you want to put all your projects in one place, typically linked to in a resume, this is your Ideal website. This website is closely related to resume website.

g. Personal websites

It is suitable for personal purposes. This can be used to express self, have a place to write, vent, and share your stories.

h. Entertainment websites

For the sole purpose of entertainment, the better they entertain audience the more money they make. E.g. barstool Sports

i. News, political and Media Websites

They are about news and entertainment. Are news papers quickly becoming old and out dated? Maybe, and so newspapers are coming online.

j. Government websites

Government website development services available, for both national and local governments and their departments.

k. Educational / school websites

Let us handle your school website with school management system features and e-learning capabilities.

l. Charity / Nonprofit Website

Do you have a worthy course that you are supporting? Nonprofits and charities need websites too?

m. Web Portal

A website that requires login to gain access? Yes, that’s a web portal. Schools and colleges may require students to log in to access certain information.

n. Community Forums

These are websites where a can come together and communicate with one another.

o. Blog websites

p. Crowd funding website

This is a platform for the purpose raising money for a venture

q. Video streaming websites

r. Photo sharing websites

s. Job board websites