Branding and Design

Graphic design uses visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form. There’s no one way to do that, and that’s why there are several types of graphic design, each with their own area of specialization. Though they often overlap, each type of graphic design requires specific set of skills and design techniques. SICHWA specializes in vast areas of graphic design because the industry is constantly changing and so designers must be adaptable and lifelong learners so they can change and add specializations throughout the career.

Graphic design packages at SICHWA

1. Visual identity graphic design

A brand is a relationship between a business or organization and its audience. A brand identity is how the organization communicates its personality, tone and essence, as well as memories, emotions and experiences. Visual identity graphic design is exactly that: the visual elements of brand identity that act as the face of a brand to communicate those intangible qualities through images, shapes and color.
In this area, we collaborate with brand stakeholders to create assets like logos, typography, color palettes and image libraries that represent a brand’s personality.

2. Marketing & advertising graphic design

When most people think of graphic design, they think of designs created for marketing and advertising. Companies depend on successful marketing efforts to tap into their target audience’s decision-making process. Great marketing engages people based on the wants, needs, awareness and satisfaction they have about a product, service or brand. Since people will always find visual content more engaging, graphic design helps organizations promote and communicate more effectively. Examples here include;

  • • Postcards and flyers
  • • Magazine and newspaper ads
  • • Posters, banners and billboards
  • • Infographics
  • • Brochures (print and digital)
  • • Vehicle wraps
  • • Signage and trade show displays
  • • Email marketing templates
  • • PowerPoint presentations
  • • Social media ads, banners and graphics
  • • Banner and retargeting ads
  • • Images for websites and blogs
  • 3. User interface graphic design

    A user interface (UI) is how a user interacts with a device or application. UI design is the process of designing interfaces to make them easy to use and provide a user-friendly experience.
    A UI includes all of the things a user interacts with—the screen, keyboard and mouse—but in the context of graphic design, UI design focuses on the user’s visual experience and the design of on-screen graphic elements like buttons, menus, micro-interactions, and more.
    In UI, we specialize in:-

  • • Web page design
  • • Theme design
  • • Game interfaces
  • • App design
  • 4. Publication graphic design

    Publications are long-form pieces that communicate with an audience through public distribution. They have traditionally been a print medium. In designing publications, we work with editors and publishers to create layouts with carefully selected typography and accompanying artwork, which includes photography, graphics and illustrations.
    Examples of publication graphic Design:-

  • • Books
  • • Newspapers
  • • Newsletters
  • • Directories
  • • Annual reports
  • • Magazines
  • • Catalogs
  • 5. Packaging graphic design

    Most products require some form of packaging to protect and prepare them for storage, distribution, and sale. But packaging design can also communicate directly to consumers, which makes it an extremely valuable marketing tool. Every box, bottle and bag, every can, container, or canister is a chance tell the story of a brand.
    Wiith expert knowledge of print processes and a keen understanding of industrial design and manufacturing, we create concepts, develop mockups and create the print-ready files for a product.

    6. Motion graphic design

    Simply put, motion graphics are graphics that are in motion. This can include animation, audio, typography, imagery, video and other effects that are used in online media, television and film. Examples include;-

  • • GIFs
  • • Banners
  • • Video games
  • • Tutorial videos
  • • Promotional videos
  • • Presentations
  • • Trailers
  • • Animated logos
  • • Advertisements
  • • Title sequences and end credits
  • 7. Environmental graphic design

    Environmental graphic design visually connects people to places to improve their overall experience by making spaces more memorable, interesting, informative or easier to navigate. Environmental Graphic Design include:-

  • • Wall murals
  • • Signage
  • • Office branding
  • • Museum exhibitions
  • • Public transportation navigation
  • • Retail store interiors
  • • Stadium branding
  • • Event and conference spaces
  • Wayfinding is a specific type of environmental graphic design that consists of strategic signage, landmarks and visual cues that help people identify where they are and where they need to go so they can get there without confusion.
  • Art and illustration graphic design

    Application of art and graphic design include the following;-

  • • Picture books
  • • Infographics
  • • Technical illustration
  • • Concept art
  • • Book covers
  • • Album art
  • • Comic books
  • • Websites
  • • Video games
  • • Graphic novels
  • • Stock images
  • • Motion graphics
  • • Graphic patterns for textiles
  • • T-shirt design

  • We use any combination of media and techniques to create our work as we collaborate with writers, editors, managers, marketers and art directors across all graphic design types. Our dedicated staff often have a foundation in fine arts, animation or architecture.